Birmingham String Quartet Services

Kiki is using a limited beautiful white violin from one of the best violinmakers, the crystal sound and the elegant look add that extra glamour to the Bridal Entrance and the first dance.

A up-beat and cheerful performance from the bollywood quartet can liven up the champion reception and during the starters. Both acoustic and electric instruments are available to our styles including classical, bollywood, western pop.

We provide unique table to table service, a combination of musicality, choreography and a high-tech solo violin wireless system, this act requires all music played by memory. We are vey confidant to bring out that VIP feeling to your prestigious guests.

Looking for interact with your guests, how about a bollywood karaoke, a fun and full of laughter entertainment also fulfil the bollywood celebrity dream for your guests!

We tailor our services to meet each events needs and provide a flexible ensemble of piano, solo violin, bollywood duo, trio or quartet with free charge of song arrangement. Our leader Kiki Chen is a multi-talents musicians capable of playing both piano and violin, we offer free violin performance when clients book our piano service.

This year our budget saving PA hire package will be offered for wedding parties that do not wish to have a DJ but look for alternative sound system for speeches and background music. We offer the best sound system from Bose, capability of 300-400 guests for additional sound system hire.