Birmingham String Quartet Services

Kiki is using a limited beautiful white violin from one of the best violinmakers, the crystal sound and the elegant look add that extra glamour to the Bridal Entrance and the first dance.

A up-beat and cheerful performance from the bollywood quartet can liven up the drink reception and during the starters. Both acoustic and electric instruments are available to our styles including classical, bollywood, western pop. We introduced a string trio / quartet to fill the gap during Hindu ceremony, this act requires experienced musicians to accompany each ritual. If we can do that, civil ceremony is really piece of cake in comparison.

Our services are tailored to meet each events needs with flexible duo, trio, quartet to a 10 pieces orchestra. We use the best sound system from Bose and provide free PA system capability of 350-500 guests for parties that do not wish to have a dj and also wanted some Arabic- Fusion violin.

Kiki was the first musician been given the honour to perform at Guru Panth Parkash Gurdwara with her piano performance in 2014